AARVEE Make Cyclic Load Energy Saver is a micro controlled energy saving product developed to save power on repetitive load machines like compressors , Presses, Injection Moulding Machines, Agitators, Conveyers and Textiles Mills, etc.


More power is wasted in Induction Motors when they are running in load less than 70% of its full load capacity and it opens the area for energy saving.
Cyclic Load Energy Saver detects these under load or partial load periods and Switches the motor to star mode of operation and automatically changes to delta mode operation when ever load is thrown on the motor.


The Cyclic Load Energy Saver is used in various sectors like Engineering Industries Textile industries Cement industries Chemical industries and in applications like Compressors, lathes , conveyors, agitators, cooling towers , simplex and ring frames.

Distinguished Features:

In built   overload  and  single phase protection

Digitally   adjusted  set parameters

Auto bypassing   on abnormal conditions

Minimum current  relay  facility

Easy  installation


Supply Voltage                                     : 230V, 50 Hz  ac
Power Consumption                          :  6VA
Delta-star Changeover time             :  5-45 Sec. (Adjustable)
Star-Delta Changeover time             : Instantaneous

Saving Data

The power savings depends on the load on the motor and power saving varies from 12% - 40 % and the payback period can be less than 6 months.