Aarvee make  Minimum Current Relay is  an equipment  designed  to save  the  power
on  any  machine  when  the  machine is running under offload condition for  prolonged periods


During the setting time and when the machine is waiting for job or during the lunchtime the machine will be running idle not doing any useful work. Minimum Current Relay detects these offload periods based on the current taken by the machine and switches off the power after a preset delay time. The low cost unit saves huge power by this method .


The    unit  can  be connected  to  any  application  wherever   idle  time  is  more.


Control Voltage                   :  230volts - 50 Hz ac
Delay  Time                         :  1  min  to  30  min
Sensing Type                      :  Through  Current  using  CT
Contact  Rating                   : 5 Amp

Saving Data

The  power  saving  on a 20 Hp machine   will be  2 to 3 units  per  hour and  the  saving  is  greately  increase  as  the  machine  capacity  is  increased.
The  payback  period  works out  to be  less than  3 months.