Aarvee make Welding Set Energy Saver is an equipment designed to save power On various types of Welding Machines.


Normally Welding Sets are kept continuously ON even though welding operations are not carried out. During these non weld periods Welding Sets draws magnetizing Current or no load current which is not doing any usefull work. Micro controlled Electronic sensing unit detects these non weld periods and switches Off the power to the Welding set after a preset time and hence saving the wasted Power and automatically resumes power immediately when welding work is started.


Suitable for various Arc welding and Rectifier Welding machines

Suitable for any capacity 2 phase or 3 phase sets

Distinguished features:

Reduced Power Bills

Lesser Pay back periods

Instant Restart of weld


Operating Supply     : 230 volts single phase 50 hz
Weld control time     : 1-45 seconds
Weld Restart time    : Instantaneous

Saving Data

The power saving on a 12 kva welding machine will be around 1.2kw to 1.5kw and the Payback period of 8-10 months